Solar EPC Sales Tracking: Manage Email Communication

During the sales cycle for solar PV projects, you will need to exchange many emails with your customers. Beyond a certain limit, it becomes difficult to manage all these email threads for ongoing communications with multiple customers.

Fuzen solar CRM makes it simple for you to track and manage the communication with any particular customer.

Sending an email

When you open the lead details for any customer, you will find an option to “Send Email”.

When you click on it, you can send an email from a pop-up that opens up.

In this pop-up the customer’s email address is already prefilled. Also, there is a list of email templates that you can select from, for example – follow up email, introduction email etc.

When you select an email template, the subject line and email content for that template will appear in the email pop-up window. You can edit them as required before finally sending the email.

You can also add more recipients to this email or attach any files.

Finally when you click on ‘Send Email’ button, the email will be sent from the email account that you have connected to your solar CRM via the CRM settings.

Tracking the email communication

All the emails sent to a particular customer can be easily accessed by going to ‘Send Mail’ tab for that customer.

Similarly, all the emails received from this customer will be visible in the ‘Received Mail’ tab.